Friday, December 12, 2008

Decor Changes for the Holidays

Earlier in the fall, we shared the changes made to the decor of our homes that help us to remember that it was, in fact, fall.

As I grow older and *hopefully* more graceful, I am learning that decorating for Christmas is more than just a tree and a string of lights on the front porch. I continue to insist that decorating is not a talent I possess. Yet, I make an attempt regardless.

Same standard candle and candle holder - the colors work for both seasons! I love these little figurines. My mother in law gave them to me one of our first Christmases together. I have always struggled to find the right place for them, trying to keep them from blending into the hodgepodge mix. I think the bathroom sink is a great place to showcase them.

Here are the interior decorations that serve as a reminder to smile, love and give with every turn.
Most of the Christmas Village was collected for my by my Dad, also, shortly after moving to Oregon. My favorite- the hardware store! (My Dad owned a hardware store when I was growing up and it was where I had my first job) About 2 years ago, I was needing a way to store more of my serving ware, so was shopping for a buffet /sideboard, but one qualification was that it would give me a place to put out the houses. The snow globe in the upper right was a wedding gift (we were married in October 99) and has a banner that reads "Welcome 2000". Noah and Hannah have been taking turns every other day, rearranging the snow, train, brick fence, stop light, etc. So the village may change orientation before the holiday is through...

I transplanted my little Christmas Cactus into a red holly planter. There are a few other nick-knacks that I like to have out each year. The wooden Santa, made by my sister's boyfriend's Dad, well, I think it's really neat. The little girl in red is actually a bell and it was part of my "Grandma" Julie's collection, so that makes it special too. I have attempted to create a family Christmas album with just pictures of our Christmas gatherings, it generally sits on the piano, open and someone will turn a page or two every couple of days.
How does your house change for Christmas? Leave a comment and share!

Tomorrow - Lights and gadgets!

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