Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow days

When it snows, my heart wells with the image of a steaming cup of hot chocolate, a roaring fire, looking out over frosted window panes to a snow covered ground. Nothing to do but stay in and relax. Don't worry about the errands that need to be run, there is no use in going on the roads on a day like today, so just relax.


I would also like to admit that because I have nothing pressing to be accomplished outside of my home that the inside of my home is neat and orderly and all of my projects are complete.


I think I am simply wired to be a procrastinator. My accomplishments, regardless of the amount, complexity or duration, will always spread to fit into the time allowed by my schedule. So, we wake to snow. Husband's company tells him to work from home and avoid driving. I get excited about how much we will accomplish... and 11 am I am just stepping out of my PJs into the shower. I should be able to take advantage of this sequester and invite a sweet neighbor over for coffee, as it has been over 4 months since we have had the chance to just chat. But I simply have too much to get done. Piles of unaddressed Christmas Cards, treats not made and sewing projects that are getting closer to their deadline (Christmas Eve) with every passing moment - all reasons to keep pressing forward.

But then I remember my goal. Presence, not more presents. Sharing more of myself and less stuff.

I will get my to-do's accomplished, I almost always do. I work better under pressure and massive amounts of caffine.

And I will call Carol for coffee, giving her some of myself and my time.

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  1. You make me miss my friends in OR. I want to be there with you for a coffee on a snow day. love you S.


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