Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bad Boys, Bad Boys... whatcha gonna do, I'm coming for you.

A few years ago I tasked to remember the police dispatch phone number, today it payed off.

3 months ago we got some new neighbors - renters. The landlord lives next door. A sweet old couple that keeps the property as retirement income. The renters seemed nice enough, brought a lot of junk, were a little less than hygienic people, but seemed nice enough.

Well, they weren't.

Within a few weeks, we were seeing an average of a dozen people coming and going every day, at all hours. A conversation with the Neighborhood Watch Officer revealed that the renters had previous drug, assault and child endangerment charges. (The landlord has had 3 renters in 30 years... they didn't realize you should do criminal checks, now they know).

Earlier this week the renters appeared to move out. But the people keep coming... at all hours.

While the landlords are making efforts towards a legal eviction, I am at my whit's end. We have lived here for 6 1/2 years, and I have never felt this uncomfortable or unsafe in my own front yard. Not because we have been threatened, but mostly because of this unknown element.

So today, I made a stand. After talking to one of the 'visitors' and trying to understand when the renters planned on being out. This visitor didn't seem to know who the renters were, or for that matter who he was there to see... or so he said, as his friend practically dragged him into the car as he raced away.

I figure, the legal renters aren't there, any one who is still there is trespassing. If the police can't do anything about the actual illegal activity going on inside, maybe they can go after trespassers.

So I called.

It has been an eventful afternoon. No arrests, but visitors are getting nervous.

(left to right, Carole (the landlord and my new friend), me (emailing license plate numbers to the Neighborhood Watch officer) and Zelta (who is always happy to help with the kids). We spent the afternoon in the garage, taking pictures of anyone who wanted to stop at the house. We are standing united to take back our security.)

I'm finding some wonderful friends in my neighbors, and we are taking a stand for our neighborhood.

So you don't worry, know that the police are actively paroling our neighborhood and a formal eviction should have most of this resolved by Monday. I actually feel more secure (and truly blessed) in knowing that our neighborhood is united against this bad element.


  1. When you handle your nasty "neighbors," can you please come to New Jersey and deal with the punk-a** college kids who live next door to us?

  2. You crack me up! This is a great post. Wow, a real live meth house right across the street. Well, I'm proud of you for being so diligent and proactive. And I'm envious that you've built up such rapport with your neighbors. I only know the name of one neighbor and I'm pretty sure she doesn't like us.

  3. I'm so impressed with your boldness in taking this stand for righteousness and justice. It's wonderful that you are such a help to your neighbor too. I can't wait to hear what happens in the final outcome. We live somewhat near a city nicknamed "Meth-Albany." Isn't that terrible? I have been told that the county we live in is the WORST in the USA for "meth." I am soooooo thankful we are far enough away that we don't seem to have the effects of this at present. If I do find that we have this kind of trouble I will follow your example. Way to go girl. God bless your efforts. Kathi


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