Monday, July 28, 2008

Business Review - Carriage House Car Wash

The Carriage House

I don't know a whole lot about this place, but I do think it is a God send for busy families.

As a mom with 4 young kids, my car generally appears to be a cross between a garbage dump and one of those modern art splatter paintings.

A few weeks ago I was applying sunscreen to the kids, that aerosol kind, just outside the car. The wind caught the spray and slicked the back window. I had already taken it through a cheap drive through wash and it actually made the spots worse. So between the dust and sunscreen splatter on the outside and the build up of 6 months of crumbs and such since the last time I got out to vaccum the car, my husband graciously suggested that I get the van cleaned.

I paid $27 ($24.99 + $2 for vans / suvs). It is clean, inside and out. Vaccuumed, washed, windows hand cleaned, inside and out, dash dusted, tires cleaned, and it smells good too.

Money well spent.

Bring some snacks and you have a field trip for the kids. :-)


  1. Oh, I am so there with you sister. You "Done Good," you shopped wisely; money well spent, and time saved. Your family and photos are beautiful. Kathi


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