Sunday, July 20, 2008

Proud to be 31 - Old is a state of Mind

My Dad has been caught saying "Old is a state of Mind." I think my father to be a wise man!

Yesterday I turned 31. More than one sweet soul tried to accuse me of being 29 (because anything over 30 is presumptuous, even if it's true, or something like that). I may reserve the right to return to the ripe old age of 29 at a future date, but for now, I'm pretty content with being 31. I figure I've accomplished a good bit in these past three decades or so. Some days I feel old, and others I think I could still be a teenager... it's a state of mind.

So Happy Birthday to me.

My facebook status (which is now outdated) reads "Sarah sings 'It's my birthday and I'll stay in my PJs till noon if I want to'"

... and I did.

Did I have a good birthday?

It was nice. Shane left at 5:30 AM to golf with his Dad (which never happens and makes me happy that they are making efforts at their relationship). I got up to make him a bagel sandwich and went back to bed... then.... the kids all slept until 8:30!!!! SCORE!

Then I wasted the next several hours and lounged in my PJS until afternoon. Finally took a shower and grabbed a book and read in my garden for a while.

then we went to a Portland Beaver's game with Shane's company.

We were able to hang in the "left field lounge" the whole game versus being confinded to bleachers or seats, so the game didn't drag on and was actually fun. The first two batters hit home runs on their first two pitches, for the home team!! It was a good game. We even stayed to see the fireworks.

Got the kids to bed barely before 11.... then slept in again this morning.

Yea, it was good.

Simple. Good.


  1. I couldn't think of a better birthday... p.j.s, reading, lounging, family, love. I might add shopping though, I love that! But not in my p.j.s!

    Picture me singing the annoying Red Robin birthday song to you right now, "Happy, happy, birthday from all of us to you... " blah, blah, blech!
    Hooray for 31!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sarah! In honor of your birthday, I am going to stay in my PJ's all day tomorrow!!! Ha!

  3. I was at a family reunion on your birthday. It was my husband's step-dad's side of the family. They are all 7th Day Adventist.

    So while you were in your jammies, I was sitting in a fireside room listening to a 79 year old man give a sermon for over an hour surrounded by "family" I don't even know, with my three squirmy children... on a Saturday!!

    I would have rather been taking you out to lunch to celebrate your 31-edness.

    Happy Birthday my friend!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday and God Bless!

  5. Happy late birthday. You are right that age is a state of mind. I still feel like that little girl of age 9 looking into the mirror. You are only 31 and have four children. I was 31 and 1/2 when my first of four was born, 32 with my 2nd , 35, with my 3rd , and 41 when Garrett was born. Wow, your children will have a young pretty mama when they graduate!! Have a lovely day, and thank you for stopping by. Kathi


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