Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eastsiiiieede Tornato

(that is my attempt to sound ghetto saying eastside.... did it work?)

Here we come!

We leave Portland tomorrow afternoon for a much anticipated trip to the North East. My wonderful husband will be accompanying me, corralling our children, smiling kindly at my family and old friends, who mean so much to me, but not so much to him. I really appreciate him doing this, for me and for my family. It is a challenge to be so far from where I grew up, and to be so far from my family. I treasure these trips. I also realize it's a challenge for my husband to spend our vacations in hot, humid New York in the summer... I think he'd prefer a mid winter jaunt to someplace tropical. Thanks babe!

So, for those voyeurs checking on my blog, this may mean little to you, but for the closer parts of my family, I'm using this medium to communicate our itinerary. You can log off here if you don't care, but I'm including intermittent pictures of my adorable kids from the past few weeks to keep it interesting and totally random!

Departing from PDX on Continental flight #385 to Newark (EWR) at 1:14 PM on 7/30
Arriving 9:27 PM EDT (6:27 PDT)
Departing from EWR on Continental flight #2688 to Providence (PVD) at 9:59 PM
Arriving at PVD at 11:16 PM

Did you see that layover?! Say a prayer that we make the connection, and maybe have a chance to grab some dinner?? Maybe that is too much to ask...

Once in Providence we will be getting our rental car - a minivan, of course! and proceeding to the Comfort Inn Warwick Airport to spend the night.

After a good night's sleep, we will drive North on I-95 to Nashua, NH and the home of my cousin Michelle. We will spend Thursday and Friday morning with Uncle Bob, Aunt Kay and Jennifer. Unfortunately Michelle's family had to leave today for Pittsburgh, as her husband's mother is not in good health and they need to be with her. Say a prayer for the Capone family :-(.

Friday morning we will wind our way west towards I-90 and find my sister Liz in Albany for a picnic lunch with some friends at the park. When the kids have gotten enough fresh air that they'll require a nap, we'll pile back in the van, drag Liz with us and "high-tail on I-90" towards my brother Bob's house in Canandaigua .

I'm especially looking forward to seeing my brother, his wife, Mandy and their son, Jack. Jack turns one this week and this will be our first time meeting him! He is about to learn the joy of cousins!! My Dad and Liz's boyfriend, Chris, will be meeting us at Bob's as well. I'm also looking forward to having our whole family together.... it has been too long.... how sweet it is going to be!

Saturday we will celebrate Jack's special day. Just as the kids are about to pass out from exhaustion we will throw them back into the van and drive the 90 minutes south to the house I grew up in, where my father still resides.

We will be in Erin Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning. We are anticipating some good ole country fun, finding frogs and salamanders, helping in the garden, creek walking, and some visits from old friends. I'm really looking forward to seeing my best friend from high school, Amy. She is bringing her boyfriend, Eric, I can't wait to meet him!

Tuesday morning we will pack back into the van and head East for a change. We'll drop Liz back in Albany and work our way around the metropolitan areas and into Connecticut. We are going to Middletown to stay with Uncle George and Aunt Paula. They are still living in the house that my mom grew up in! I am also looking forward to catching up with the cousins, Corrine and Ryan.

Wednesday around lunch time we'll finish the trip with one last journey, returning to Providence and flying home.

Our total driving will be just under 1000 miles and approximately 17 hours... something like a tornado, don't you think?

Departing PVD on Delta #5273 to JFK at 4:40 PM EDT on 8/6
arriving at 6:00 PM EDT

Departing JFK on Delta #201 to PDX at 7:45 PM EDT
arriving at 11:20 PM PDT

....we'll check ya on the flip side! Oooout!


  1. Oh, it sounds so fun!

    Don't count on dinner in that short connection on the way out there. Pack your snacks well in your carry-ons. If departure time is 9:59, they'll start boarding by 9:40. If your arrival flight is scheduled in at 9:27, that's the time it gets parked at the gate. It will be another few minutes before you actually deplane and hit the terminal yourselves. Thankfully you're not switching airlines - your gates will likely be somewhat close to each other. But you might want to be sure the kids use the restroom on the plane so you don't have to worry about making any stops between gates.

    While you are packing in a few miles, you also will be packing in many memories. I will pray that each connection is divinely fulfilled - that Jesus be rich in each encounter.

    Looking forward to the photos and stories of your adventures!!!

  2. You're making family such and important part of the kids' life and they will forever thank you for that. Where would we be without family!?

    Good luck with all the layovers, flying, driving, etc. That can sometimes be the tedious part of traveling (esp lugging luggage) but it can also be fun if you make it. And I know YOU and your husband and all your children. There's no doubt about it that you guys will have fun!

    I've only been on the east side once (Washington DC) and it was when I was in 8th grade. I think I was looking at boys more than the Lincoln Memorial.

    Next time you go, take me! :)

    Looking forward to the pictures.

  3. Wow, what a whirlwind! But what a blast you will have! And memories that will forever live in your kiddos minds, memories of love and family cherished.
    Bless you guys!


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