Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Penn's flights - update 4

David's words: "We are in Hell... also known as Miami." (imagine in David's classic sarcastic tone)

They are through immigration, walked 2 miles (no tram or shuttles) to the United ticket counters, which were closed because they don't have any more flights today. They are now walking 2 miles back to the American counters to get rebooked or put up for the night. Apparently there are really long lines for American as well.

They will not be arriving at the 10:50 flight tonight. I will update again when we have new flight numbers and times.

Be praying for the travelers... running around the airport is exhausting and stressful.
Be praying for Amy... she broke into tears when she got to say "Bon Jour" to her sisters on the phone... I'm sure she is so anxious to have everyone home and has been waiting a long time for these sisters.

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