Friday, July 4, 2008

A Family Fourth

With our 4th of July holiday, for the first time since we have had kids, we made memories at home.

I'm hoping we aren't starting a holiday trend....

One of the most common memories of holidays in my family was the Christmas in NY when the whole house filled with smoke because the cheese on Mom's home-made pizza drizzled off the pan and burnt on the bottom of the oven. It was freezing and snowing and we had all the doors and windows open.

I don't know why when there are unplanned turns in events, it seems to make the events more memorable.

Like last Thanksgiving for example. Zak managed to lock himself in Grandpa Ken's office and we had to call a locksmith to get him out, it took about 90 minutes!

So, our plan for today was going to start out at the Hillsboro parade.

I said "WAS"

While looking for a toy under Noah's bed, Hannah managed to cut a large gash into her forehead. I am certain, that as a mother, I could be completely happy if I never have to see my children bleeding like that again. My wonderful husband took his sweet daughter onto his lap (while he still had a half a cheek full of shaving cream and unshaved beard), gently encouraged her to a calm state, continued to apply pressure, and when the bleeding had stopped, he had a bandage and gauze ready.

We made our way over to the urgent care, with the hopes that we would still be able to catch some of the parade.

She was so brave.

I took the boys over to get a strawberry creme at starbucks while we waited.

They don't do stitches anymore. Apparently the stuff they use now is basically super glue. It should dissolve on its own in about 10 days. A little too early to tell if there will be a scar, but it's pretty much at her hairline anyway.

We did manage to catch most of the parade. What kid doesn't love a parade....

... especially if there are people throwing candy!?

A family trip to goodwill, followed by lunch at Fred Meyer's deli. The kids were pretty worn out.

(video of Zak falling asleep on his corn dog)

We did get home for some naps.

Cheeseburgers on the grill.


Dad loves setting off fireworks!

We invited some neighbors to join in too.
Zelta and her sons, Robbie and Andy came over for a bit. My kids love those boys!

I hope the kids sleep in, as bed time was about 11 pm!


  1. haha,,happy family! your kids so lovely.i love fireworks too.
    today is independance day for USA.would you have holiday?

  2. Sounds like the perfect day, parade, candy, goodwill... minus the ouchie!!!

    We bought a pack of fireworks and when Honey tried to light one, it was a dud. It was then that we actually looked at the packagae and realized we had bought a bag full of party poppers! I started to type 'poopers' just now and caught myself, but they were poopers after hoping to see some fiery action!
    Oh well, still fun. S'mores over the fire pit was the treat of the day over here!
    I hope the kids are still sleeping ;-D

  3. Such great memory makers! What a busy and full day!

    Glad H's gash isn't so bad after all - whew!

    Hey - wanted to watch the vid of Zak dining and dozing, but every time I click on it I get a screen full-size photo of Zak and one of Zelta's sons (the sleeping bag shot).

  4. GREAT pictures!!!

  5. the video of your little one nodding off while eating is hilarious.


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