Monday, July 28, 2008

Business Review- Bassit Auto

I've been wanting to add this element to my blog for a while. I have always been a fan of giving credit when credit is due, especially to local businesses who really provide good service.

I think we have been very fortunate in finding a great mechanic, and in the 5 plus years that we have called them "our mechanic" they have only further won our business and admiration.

Bassitt Auto.

Comfortable:They have an adorable waiting room that is decorated like a 1950's diner. They'll even serve you soda or coffee while you wait. They are prepared for kids and coloring books are provided.

Stylish: A limo with driver is provided for transportation to and from the service center if needed. When my van broke down with all 4 of my kids in the car, I was a little panicked. What tow truck is going to be able to transport all of us, and even then, we could have been stuck in a waiting room all day. But since we were able to get the van to drive to the center, we were set for a ride home. I love how the neighbor's peek out their window when you pull up in front of your house in a white stretch!

Respectful: Jamie and Kevin are usually the guys I talk to, I think that their job is to communicate with the customers. I have never once felt like a dumb woman when I talked with them about any of the car problems we have had(which I really am, when it comes to the workings of a car).

Fair: I know that I am paying a decent rate for labor, which is fine for me because I know that they have a good team of mechanics and they deserve a good wage. I don't get ripped off, and if they know that I can get a battery cheaper at Costco, they tell me to get it there and bring it to them.

Flexible: They are generally busy and sometimes can't see us immediately when we have an immediate problem, but it is usually with in a day if we don't have an existing appointment. I have started going to them for oil changes, as it costs about the same as going to one of the drive through places (and I trust Bassitt more), and generally I have my pick of times.

I think our mechanic is great! If you check them out, tell them I sent you!

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