Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baby's First Christmas

Have you met our new baby?

Her name is Dex. We adopted her from a friend of a friend who had rescued her. We weren't specifically looking to add to our family at this time, but once we met her, we figured it wouldn't get any better than this. She is a sweet pup, lots of fun and is great with our kids. She's also great for our kids.

She's great for me. I am learning about myself as I have begun to love this dog. I am not a natural dog lover. I grew up with cats and fish and hamsters. We had several neighbors who would not keep their dogs under control, and was left with unpleasant memories of dogs.

She was born in February, so this will be her first Christmas. As we were putting out the ornaments for the kids, I reminisce as I see their "baby's first Christmas". I realize now, Dex will need one of those too. :-)

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