Friday, November 7, 2008

Lazy for a mom of 4

I really feel like I'm having a lazy morning.

I had a sick daughter who needed me 4 times throughout the night last night, so as I started to wake up I made a decision to sleep that extra 20 minutes, which would inevitably mean that I stay in my PJs until an opportune time for a shower, generally around 10 or 11. I'm OK with that. I am actually enjoying it today.

It's just that since school started for us, sometime between the end of August and beginning of October, I have been making a concentrated effort to have structured schedules and to-do lists and sticking to them. If you don't know me, you should realize that this is very contrary to my nature. Never the less, it is something that I desire to become disciplined about.

With all four kids working their way through the same virus over the last 10 days, we have spent more time than normal doing lazy activities.

I thought I might share with you how lazy is defined for a Mom with 4 little kids.

  • Wake, throw on a sweatshirt and fresh deodorant.
  • Greet my boys and husband, just as husband's car pool arrives in the drive way - rush him to get out the door, banana and vitamin water in hand.
  • Empty the clean dishwasher
  • Make a quick batch of pancakes (from a mix, no time for scratch these days), a small bowl of instant oatmeal (from scratch mix made a few days earlier), two cups of herbal tea for the kids with sore throats and a cup of French Press coffee for myself.
  • Administer various medicine and home remedies in hopes of kicking the bug sooner than later (Dear GOD we have to be done with this soon, right?!)
  • Camp out for a episode or two of Gargoyles season 1 DVD with the kids
  • Game of 10,000 (dice game) with Noah
  • Get Maggy down for a nap
  • Cuddle with Hannah
  • Load the sinkful of dirty dishes in the dishwasher
  • Run upstairs to resupply a binkie and sooth Maggy back to sleep, convinced that she didn't really nap.
  • Go to Facebook profile and update status as "Sarah is having a lazy morning."

I guess "lazy" means something different to me than it used to.


  1. I almost forgot about my banana :)

    You lazy bum !

  2. Well, Happy 100th post to you too, then!
    I'm all for lazy days, they are sometimes the best for re-tying those heart strings.

    And, don't worry, Gracie will probably draw from a hat (if I let her) ;-D

  3. I hear you Sarah! I'm having one of those lazy mornings today,(Sadie has been sick for 3 days) which is why I'm online checking blogs onstead of getting the million things on my list done!


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