Friday, May 30, 2008

Great Woman!

I am so blessed to have my neighbor, Zelta, as a friend, and even more blessed to have her about 30 yards away.

She wanted to check on us this morning, just to make sure we were OK. She noticed our cars weren't parked in the normal places and knew that wasn't normal. It is so nice to know that someone notices... if there were really something wrong. She is always there for cup of sugar, or an egg for baking or a bag of frozen spinach or an extra jar of molasses (sometimes we ask each other for strange things in hopes of preventing a trip to the store, and sometimes, she has what I need!). The Fox family were the first people we met when we moved into the neighborhood 6 years ago. Her daughter, Suzee, has continued to be my favorite baby sitter, even after she abandoned us to go to college. She is a wonderful help and source of advice on everything from kids, to homeschooling, to baking, to gardening. I am so blessed to have them.

She also cares for my kids like a grandmother. My children were tasked with the care of her 3 kitties while they were gone for the weekend. The kids love the job and Zelta thinks to send them a post card. What a special lady! I thank God for her, for friends and good neighbors.


  1. Yes, what a lovely lady. The lilacs she gave me were lovely. How did she know they'd go so well in my purple dining room!? :)

    What a blessing to have a grandma right next door.

  2. Sarah, you are too kind! As I stumbled across your House of Homer site, searching my own name, I was SO BLESSED to read what you wrote about me! I am the one truly Blessed to have YOU as a nieghbor! You have taught me much my young teacher! We love your family!


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