Tuesday, May 20, 2008

HOT days

Ok, I know the hot weather spell is history in Oregon (it barely got into the 60s today), but its also the first time since the hot weather that I've had enough time to sit down with the computer. I really don't know what that will mean for the blog during the rest of the summer... but when we get a short burst of a heat wave I think we feel the need to do EVERYTHING, in case it ends too soon - which it did.

Temporary Insanity: Did I tell you about tilling the garden on the day that it was pouring rain, hail and 40 degrees.... well, I did it again. The day is forecasted to hit 90 degrees and I decide to make soup! .....
... I'd been planning on doing it all week and just wanted to get it done because I had the ingredients. I did it before 11 in hopes of keeping the house a little cooler. (side note - we do have AC, but I don't like to run it until it gets to be at least 80 in the house to save $$)

It's wedding soup - my signature... not like most Wedding Soup's you'd get else where, but it is famous. I'm happy to share the recipe, but don't think I'll type it up here and now, it is a longer and more complicated recipe. (maybe another post with it later)

So once the soup was cooling, the kids could finally kick into the summer activities....

How wild is this? Hannah and Maggy have virtually identical matching outfits, both were hand-me-downs from two completely separate families!!

getting out the kiddie pools. (last 4 years we have had a 8 ft round 3 ft deep soft side pool, it sadly, was pretty unusable after last summer, we are getting a new pool, but until it is put up, the kids get to play in these dinky wading pools and the sprinklers).

Does Maggy want to play?

Nope, the porch is a good place to play

Noah is totally a sprinkler kind of kid... the others, well, not as much.
This Girl thing...

So when I was a little girl, my mom only owned clear nail polish.... I don't think I understood the delight and thrill of being a little girl (and the mom of a little girl) who gets to put pink on their toes and feel pretty....

So on Saturday, Beaverton Area Little League (BALL) had a "Fun Day"... all the teams had games, there was a giant inflatable slide (about 30 ft high -- Zakey really wanted to go, but we were concerned he'd get to the top and freak out, so Shane went with him... he went by himself another 4 times!)

silent auction and concessions... oh yeah and Noah came away with a medal when he was done.

Grandma Jan and Grandpa Ken came up for the day... and Noah got two hits off the coaches pitch (Shane happened to be the coach pitching).

A little hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma finishes out a great day!
Sunday, BALL gave our team tickets to a Portland Beaver's Baseball game at PGE Park. It was a fun afternoon, but after a few days in a row with out naps, Zak was getting to be a little less coordinated... he slide down off Shane's lap to stand up and, oops, fell instead, smacking his face on the metal brace for the bleacher bench of the row in front of us. Poor kid. Although, he was more concerned with a scrape on his knee... I think he couldn't see his bruise, so it was out of sight, out of mind. not too bad the first day, just a line on his cheek, but by today - it turned into an uglier bruise and now a full on black eye. Poor guy!

Notice his lack of fear or concern for danger.... he's about the jump off the futon... I guess that's what you get when you name your child after a wee little man who climbs up in trees....

... but then again, Jesus loved him (Zacchaeus) and he loves this Zakeaus too... how can ya not?!

And there is our update!


  1. Ohhh, I can't look at Zakey! Sad!

    Any day is a day for wedding soup. 'Specially yours:)

  2. What a fun summer updated! And it's only May!

    I love your kids.
    And you.
    And your soup.

  3. I've had your soup, Sarah, and tis true - it is famously yummy!


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