Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Crazy Day!

We've been watching way too much TV lately. The kids have had the flu, on and off for about 10 days, for poor Hannah and Zak, came and went more than once. It's too easy to say ok, pick a movie. So I made a decision, today, no TV until after naps. Wow- I got SOOO much done! Here is what I did today:

Slept until 8, woken by Hannah and Zak, who were woken by Maggy - all happy!
Got them dressed.
School Time with Noah
Put Maggy down for nap
Started load of laundry
Played a game of checkers with Noah
Mowed front lawn while kids rode bikes
Found a package of pea seeds, planted in garden
Mowed back lawn, clippings into compost (Yeah!!!)
Maggy was up, jumped in Johnny Jump Up while I showered
Made lunch - PB&J and Oranges
Ran to drugstore to pick up pictures for an album I need to finish
Got gas (17 gal - $67 OUCH!!)
Put kids to bed
Another load of laundry
Devotions - reading bible, played piano - I haven't done that in AGES!
Maggy was up (too short of a nap) - played piano some more
Chatting with my hubby on IM - looked at stuff on Craigslist
Folded laundry - Ironing
Kids wake up and go play in the driveway while I iron more - Maggy in back pack
Talked to Liz (my sis)
Tidy-up kitchen
Make dinner (Steaks, potatoes and salad - hotdogs for the kids)
Feed Maggy - pureed zucchini and acorn squash and vanilla wafers (new experience)
Load dishwasher
Another load of laundry
Fold more laundy
Kids to bed
Watch American Idol on DVR
surf blogs
Im with JP who bugs me to update my blog :-p


Pray that I can keep the idiot box off tomorrow and be just as productive!


  1. I LOVE this! What a great and efficient day. It's wonderful to see how a mom of 4 kids can operate and get so much stuff done. Let's hear it for Johnny Jump ups, Baby back packs, Bikes in the driveway ... you're awesome!

    Who won at checkers, you or Noah? :)

    And funny, we had a NO TV day all day yesterday, too. We're having another one today (I think my daughter will be dismayed). But oh well ... too much TV can rot your brains, right Grandma!?

    I hope you have another fantastic day today getting lots done. Your kids are lucky to have such a happy, over-energized mommy!

    And arent' you glad I bugged you about updating your blog!? I am. :)

  2. Reading your post, I'm reminded of a verse:

    "She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness"

    Proverbs 31:27

  3. Wow, I got a Provs 31 shout, how cool is that....

    ...oooh the pressure! Now I have to not idle!

    PS - I am glad you bugged me - that's inspiration!

  4. You did an awesome job with you schedule. You got so much done. Way to go Mom. This was interesting to read! You sounded like me 12 years ago. Now mine are teens, except Garrett is 6. I'm busier now then I was then. Thanks for visiting me. I'll come back to visit you more.


  5. Is the Idiot Box the computer or the TV? :)

    I love days liek you described here. I go to bed and wake up feeling so obedient and at peace.


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