Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My husband: Organizing genius!

Our front hall closet.... generally an unbelievable mess. A few years ago, my dad suggested we add an extra hanging bar in the back, since there wasn't enough room for all the coats. That helped, but the floor seemed to be a constant pile of shoes. I tried to add a small shelf along the side, but then it just got crowded.

There are 6 of us...
We all have at least 4-5 pairs of shoes...
maybe that's excessive, but it seems hard to cut down - we have nicer sneakers, we have muddy sneakers, we have sandals, we have flip-flops, sometimes you need black and brown or white...

And the jackets, winter, spring, summer, rain, sweatshirt....

Oh well, so much for the minimalist, anti-materialism attempts.

My husband had a stroke of genius yesterday - and I really hope it sticks. He added this hanging cubby organizer. And now... I'm actually happy to open the closet, Zak knows where to put his shoes, where to find his shoes... this rocks. My hubby rocks!

Almost forgot - Anyone see what is missing? The first one to guess will get a beautiful wildflower bouquet from our next walk. (sorry, not really a fair contest if you haven't been to our house before)


  1. One of the blogs I read regularly has a carnival with prize about this very subject. It is the same blog where I look at the menu plans. You can see her carnival here:

    You should take a peek and maybe brag on S there. xoxo

  2. Well - you think I should take the rest down too? (I only took them down for the picture!)

    You win - we'll get you something pretty next time we're out for a walk.

  3. Great idea, looks like it's going to make life a lot easier for you!

    Thanks for linking up!


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