Monday, June 30, 2008

Faithful decisions

Our dear friends, David and Julie, arrived in Haiti today. This is the conclusion of an adoption process that has taken over 2 ½ years. I am so moved at the thoughts of these wonderful parents and their conscious choice to love two children, that were not given to them by birth, but definitely given to them by God. I’m certain that when the Lord put the idea of adoption on their heart, there would have been a great deal of reasons why not to pursue it: financial, potential heart ache, it would be a hard thing to do, simple fear, and it would require risk. But God did given them this purpose and spoke it into their hearts, giving them the courage to accomplish the task he has given them. Only God could put this desire in their hearts, and only God can bring it into being. And now He has.

This is a picture from Julie's trip to see the girls over a year ago. Katie is now 4 and Yolanta just turned 6

“It is a real gift to have some one in our life as an example of faith”

Pastor Shane Fookes, Westport Church, Hillsboro, OR – June 29, 2008

Pastor Shane was teaching from the book of Ruth. (You can find the online sermon here) Here are some of my notes:

Life rarely cooperates with our desire for safety and comfort. Life interrupts. How do we go about making decisions in this life of uncertainty?

Ruth had to answer three questions:

1. Who or what do I love the most?
Ruth’s love when translated from the Hebrew is Hesed which often describes God’s character as loyal love.
We may have fears and justifications, but then must ask ourselves, “Do I love God more than the fears of unknown consequences?”
Orient our direction more Godward

2. Where will I find guidance?
Ruth knows God’s word and is willing to obey, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense in her own limited knowledge. (Ruth 2:1-3)
Ruth also chooses to listen to a mentor (Ruth 3:1-5)

Ruth will wait (Ruth 3:18)

3. In whom or what will I place my trust?

Ruth puts her trust in Gods providence (defined) God’s direct and personal involvement in His creation and in the events of history to accomplish his purposes.

Ruth puts her trust in God’s sovereignty. He provides for her, food, famine (which brought her in to Boaz’s country), Godly ‘coincidence’ that the Kinsman redeemer is there, that she happens onto Boaz’s field, that she was able to conceive and bear a son. (Ruth 1 says she was married 10 years before becoming a widow, and no children) God had touched Ruth’s life.

God followers make faithful decisions and not pragmatic ones. Because of Ruth’s faith, her child became the grandfather of the great King David and ancestor of Jesus the Christ.

This decision of David and Julie, to adopt, and to adopt from Haiti, and to adopt two sisters, was a decision that was made by faith. They, and their example of faith, trusting in God, is a real gift.

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