Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A nice Junuary day in Oregon

So...I hear its hot out East...

Dad said it's been 90 degrees with 90% humidity

(I don't miss that part of the North East at all!)

It hasn't made the national news the way that the rest of the country's weather has, but the Northwest is experiencing an unusually cold June - Seattle's coldest on record. The AM news this morning showed the WA mountain pass covered with snow... yup, in June....

So I don't think I was all that surprised when the phone rang at 7:30. My friend that I invited to come to the zoo with me wasn't so keen on hanging out in the windy, rainy, out of doors... I totally don't blame her! Actually, I really can't even explain why I didn't want to just say "nay" and stay in my p-jays. Call it a need for adventure, "it's good to do hard things," glutton for punishment, or simply a desire to stick to our original plan. I knew that the Mom's from Westport would be there at 9:30, so, like Marvin K. Mooney, WE WENT!

Let me provide some recommendations for you, the next time you find yourself considering a day out with the brood:

1. Meet someone. It'll make you get there and get there at a reasonable time. We met a few other hearty Mom's near the sea lions.

(L-R Emily Powell & her mom and Charlotte and Molly; Devon Johnson with Aiden and Connor; Chelsea and Haley Cook).

2. If you have a toddler or two, provide a comfy stroller, or double stroller, to allow for the necessary nap, snack, front row view of the Visayan warty pigs or a comfy ride!

3. Catch as many of the wild animals awake. And catch some cute poses of yourself and your kids when possible...

4. Enjoy the sleeping animals... quietly...

5. Don't avoid icky creatures because of irrational phobias. You might just learn something!
We learned that spiders molt out of their exoskeletons...the exoskeleton doesn't grow with them. It makes sense, I just didn't know. They were tarantulas, so the molts were pretty icky... but cool! We also learned that the entomologist at the Zoo , Suzanne, really likes the giant cockroaches, who, fortunately, are not native to this area!

6. Find learning opportunities with what is right in front of you and reward accordingly...
Noah took the Z-O-O (spells ZOO) map to find and sound out new words.... BLACK BEAR, LORIKEET, AFRICA. And McDee's as a reward. We had packed PB&J for lunch, but worked up an appetite after walking the zoo for 3 hours.

So if you find yourself considering a day out and about, I say, take on the world... pack a lunch and dress in layers, especially if it is Junuary in Oregon.


  1. Hey, we were there too! Sorry to have missed ya. Kept hoping for that sun to break through, and it finally did... as we were getting into the car at 3:30.
    Oh, I was sooo craving fries today. I'm jealous!

  2. Sarah, You are such a great mother. I love that quote I hear you say, "It's good to do hard things." Because of you, I am saying that to myself all the time.

    We are opening a summer school for kindergarten and 1st grade review. I am scared to death. We decided to do this last week. We've made brochures and called people. Now we are waiting to hear....so far nothing. We are praying for customers. We are going to start Tuesday. I have wanted to give up and put this on the shelf, but your quote goes through my mind. I put that song on "What a Feeling" and get motivated. God is with me helping me, and I will trust HIM. My daughters and I have never done anything like this before. It should be an exciting adventure. Since I've homeschooled from the beginning, I have all the stuff to do this.

    You may not realize it, but you have been an inspiration for me to do the Hard Things, because so many times it is worth it.

    We used to go to the Portland Zoo every week when we lived across the Columbia River. I miss it.

    God bless you sweetie. Kathi ps our webpage is winterhavenacademy

  3. I love the "It's good to do hard things" one too. And also telling the kids when they complain it's too hard "You can do hard things."

    Do I recognize a $1.50 raincoat there? hahaha! We don't get much use out of ours. :)

    Oh and it's 90 + humidity here too. I was going to tell you about your comment on my backyard to move here and you too can have this -- if you can take the heat. No one actually stays in the heat though...it's AC at all times. Guess you won't be moving here soon? nuts. But we'll see YOU soon anyway!! check my blog again...
    love ya


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