Friday, November 12, 2010

14: I'm thankful for my Dad and his care packages

My dad is a REALLY great guy. REALLY great!

Just one of the super sweet things that he does is sending care packages for birthdays, holidays and sometimes, just for a day. He likes using the Priority Mail prepaid boxes, and if I had to guess, he always has a stack of them waiting and ready to be filled.

I really enjoy making yummy food for other people and I really enjoy giving it to them, even if I don't get to eat any of it myself. I think I must get that from my Dad!

The last package arrived just in time for Noah and Shane's birthdays. Included was:

  • A bag of Puppy-chow (the choc/pb crispex snack)
  • A bag of "whip" (seasoned oyster crackers)
  • A bag of "Nuts and Bolts" (family recipe chex mix)
  • a butternut squash, from his garden
  • about 3 lbs of soup potatoes
  • Birthday card for Noah
  • Birthday card for Shane
  • A gift for Noah (a set of classic reference books about minerals, trees, shells, etc)
  • An envelope of coupons, that he faithfully clips every week and sends me about once a month, and this time a clipping from the paper - a classmate's wedding announcement.
the Nuts and Bolts are my favorite... you can get the recipe here!

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