Thursday, November 4, 2010

Don't call it a comeback

I just went back to see, it is sad. In the last 12 months I have posted a whoping 12 times to my beloved blog :-(

I know. I 've been busy and have plenty of reasons to neglect this site.

But if I was honest with myself, I know everything is a choice. I do have 6 children to care for, feed, clothe, educate, keep safe, entertain, taxi, etc... But I also have made a choice to divert energy to Facebook.

(I like being able to touch into my friend's lives, with little effort on my part. Giving them tidbits of my life. Letting them know I care with a comment or wall post. And, the opportunities to reconnect with 10 and 15 year long lost friends has been invaluable and delightful!)

I can justify attention to Facebook all day long, but I know that it is only a junk food fix for the real outlet that I need. Likewise, I realize that neither FB nor blogging will ever replace the need for true face to face relationships.

Yet, I loved the process of documenting my life. I imagine that maybe in a 100 years, a great grand child would stumble upon my ramblings about the good ole days.

So, in light of the coming Thanksgiving holiday, and an effort to return to purposeful blogging, I am committing to come here first, before the FB world, to post on thankfulness, for the next 21 days. With any luck, I will also get you reacquainted with myself and my family.

...but lets hold off on calling it a comeback for a bit.

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  1. Awsome! I have another blog to read! The only other blogs i know of are family, and they are sometimes a little tooo perfect for me to swallow! I like your blogging style! Just like me it's more to document and to let others peak in from time to time to see what going on in your life. I have other blogs that i read where people blog about EVERYTHING.... clothes/stuff they want to buy, every book or movie they review, ect!
    Hope you keep it up... you'll motivate me to blog more often too!


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