Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 8: I'm thankful for electricity

Boy, electricity is something I totally take for granted!

We've had some VERY wet weather, and some occasions of high winds in the last week. I'm not really sure of the cause, but last night, we were without power between 8:30 PM and 1:30 AM.

We were out at community group, and about 8:30 I got a call on my cell from our neighbor Zelta,

Z: "Oh, so you guys are out, right? I just wanted to let you know that we lost power."
S: "Thanks for letting me...... OH NO! Will you go check on my babysitter please!"

The four older kids were with us, but the twins were at home with Elyse, our fabulous sitter. I was quite nervous for her at that moment, trying to imagine how she would navigate in the dark. I wasn't even sure where I'd find a flashlight or candle, how would she!? I tried to call her, but couldn't figure out which of the three numbers listed under her mom's name in my phone was Elyse's. So I called her mom, who said she'd been trying to reach her but couldn't.


I imagined Zelta knocking on the door and Elyse not wanting to answer, not knowing who it was in the dark. I tried calling our back up phone, which was plugged in on my desk, but it just rang and rang and went to voice mail.

About 15 minutes passed and Zelta called back. Elyse had hesitated, but eventually opened the door, knowing that I'd told her if "you need anything and can't reach me, go to the neighbor". While on the phone, Elyse's Mom, Wendy got there. As it turns out, the dog freaked out when the lights went out, so they locked her in the office. We were able to get home about 5 minutes later.

I managed to dig through cupboards and drawers to find a few candle and flashlights. Moving from one room to the next, even with a candle in my hand for light, time after time, I would reach up, flip the switch, expecting the light to turn on.

Not only did it make me thankful for the electricity (and great babysitters and AMAZING neighbors) but it also brought to light just how dependent we are on electricity.

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