Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thankfulness Countdown 19: I'm thankful to live where we do

I've also been posting my thing I'm thankful for on FB. In response to today's post, a friend said "You are in God's country, out there in Oregon."

Yes, Amber, we do get to see the amazing wonder in God's creation all around us out here. Right now, we have moved into the rainy season. In the car on the way to lunch, after church, the kids were marveling at how beautifully blue and clear the sky was. I was struck by the fiery orange and reds of the leaves, mostly fallen, littering the sidewalks and street curbs. And a 45 degree pan to the west showed the most vicious black storm clouds, like a wall - stopping the sunshine. Other clouds like vertical sheer sheets, that had to bring drenching rain from the high heavens to the ground below. It was an impressive sight to see. And yet, last week, the first week of November, we had two days over 70 degrees- It'll always keep you guessing!

Oregon is wonderful! All with in a few hours drive, we can be in the city, in the mountains, the high desert, the coast, the Columbia River Gorge.

We are close to the city! Shane's commute from home to downtown Portland usually takes about 25 minutes. The public transportation is great and ever expanding. The city is clean and fresh, and since it's inhabited by Oregonians, it's pretty green too!

We have so many local farms to choose from for fresh produce, dairy and meats. (I'm THINKING about trying raw milk!) My freezer and pantry are full of blueberries, strawberries, peaches, pears, apples, and corn. Had it not been for a rough spring, that list would have also included tomatoes, pickles and zucchini as well!

When it is time to play, the options are so numerous and the scenery is just amazing.

Great parks, great museums, great rec centers, great sports.

Simply - Oregon Rocks!

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