Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 18 - I'm thankful for the gift of Music

I started to play the piano when I was 6. I started to play the flute when I was 10. I minored in music in college. I have always been drawn towards music. But I don't think that my so-called talent is anything I can take credit for... it is a GIFT.

"My gracious favor is all you need. My power works best in your weakness."...

2 Corinthians 12 : 7-10

I believe now, that as I look back on my experiences as a musician, and I can see how God was working, even in the times when I didn't know him, to craft and develop this talent and PASSION for music, that it would bring him glory.

This summer, my wonderful husband made plans for us to take a, much needed, weekend away. We got a hotel room and went to FishFest, a music festival sponsored by the local Christian radio station - 104.1 The Fish. (Eventhough the festival was being held in Vancouver - only a 30 minute drive from home). It was a fabulous weekend to reward ourselves for being so intensely engaged in our childrens' lives.
Jeremy Camp

We splurged on a Platinum ticket special that gave us access to meet the artists with about 3 dozen other people. While the general public waited in lines, sometimes for as long as 3 hours just for an autograph. Thousand Foot Krutch - yes that guitarist has MASSIVE dreads - and he rocked them!
Anyone who thinks all Christian Music is mamsy-pambsy needs to meet these guys!

We were seated right in the front. I used to think it was only crazy obsesive fans who would need to be that close to the stage, but no. There is a wholly different musical experience being that close.
Matthew West

These artists are just people, there isn't anything superhuman about them... except Jesus shinning through them. Jeremy Camp, Brandon Heath, Matthew West, David Barnes, Thousand Foot Crutch and, my favorite, Britt Nicole all have an authenitic relationship with God that is clearly expressed in the music and when speaking with t hem in person.

Brandon Heath

I was familiar with Britt Nicole's music prior to the performance, but after seeing her, I realized how perfect of a role model she is for our daughters. The music of her message is love. Scriptures flow from her in normal conversations. We saw her meeting with fans, listening to their stories and then praying with them. Britt Nicole

She gave us an autograph to give to Hannah and she included a reference to 2 Chronicles - calling her to boldly accept her place as a chosen one of God. So cool....

But that weekend has really come to mean so much more to me. It intensified my passion for music, especially for the music of Praise. It seems that since that experience, every opportunity to worship makes me want to move, and dance, and sing and harmonize!

I had someone tell me that they enjoyed standing next to me in church, which really honors and flatters me. But I know that my joy in the worship is greater than any attention I'd ever receive for the worship. It is truly an AWE-some joy, beyond words. It is a gift. I am very, very grateful for that gift.

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