Friday, November 5, 2010

Thankfulness countdown 21 - I'm Thankful for My Mom

Sometimes, I'll pass by a mirror and stop, do a double take. I really have days where I look more and more like my Mom.

It's been over 15 years since I've seen her. Yet, her memory and legacy is strong, every day in my life.

Although, I don't feel I've equaled my mother's skills, I am delighted in the pursuit of these things, and relate to her enjoyment in these things.

She was a meticulous semestress, fantastic cook and baker, intense gardener, heartfelt educator with a love for learning, and an awesome home-maker (not a house wife, but one who MAKES a home). When I was small, I didn't find much interest in really any of these things, despite my mother's encouragement. Of course, this is a regret I have, that I didn't know well enough to seize that opportunity while it was there.

I'm so thankful for the foundations she laid in my life, very much defining who I am. I am thankful for the inspiration she provides me as a mother, wife, friend, and teacher.

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