Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 13: I'm thankful for boys and their Legos

I think a child's imagination can be inspired and encouraged, but it can not be forced. Every imagination is completely unique. Legos have been the muse to many imaginative moments in our home, especially for Zakey.
Often during the big kids' school times, Zak and Maggy are looking for things to do. If he decides that Lego's are that 'thing' - I am ever amazed at what he can produce with a box of random blocks. There are sets that come with very specific pieces and instructions, and he is beginning to be able to follow those directions. But when he starts building on his own, and usually he is building a space ship, airplane or base - always with some kind of gun (I think he likes Star Wars), I begin to see that in his mind there is a whole world envisioned.

All the kids have developed a game with their Lego's - "Lego Store". Each child gets a pile or box of pieces, begins to build until they find that the need a piece that is not available. Generally each person will specialize in certain types of parts: wheels, guns, men, etc. They either use "money" which is the gold and silver pieces that came in a treasure chest or they trade. This entire game was developed with 4 children under the age of 8, playing nicely together in their room. This makes their Mommy happy and proud.
Our neighbor, Nicolas.

And just about every friend who comes to play gets in on the imagineering.

Our friend, Patrick

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