Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 11: I'm thankful for Ensequence and the good work my husband does for them

" I'm thankful for Ensequence and the good work my husband does for them, that provides well for our family and allows me to be at home with our children and home school."

Shane has been at Ensequence for almost 6 1/2 years now. In the software industry, in this day and age, that's nearly forever! I still remember when he applied for the job, being just so floored at how perfect it would be for him. Shane's Bachelor's degree is in Broadcast Communication, but he has worked in software testing since he graduated. Ensequence develops a product that helps networks connect with their viewers through interactive applications.

It has been exciting to see the company grow and adjust as technology changes.

Shane recently moved from testing in the QA department and was assigned a new role as a Technical Operations Engineer. A friend of ours pointed out that now makes him a TOE... hehehe....

Tech Ops works more directly with supporting clients, and whereas I know he was a fantastic QA engineer, I also know that he works so well with people. He is great at mediating difficult situations, if need be, and working with people of different levels of technical understanding and meeting them at their level. He will continue to be a great asset to the company. (can you tell, I used to be a recruiter?)

And on the up side for him, he's been able to do a little bit of traveling as part of his new role. Not too much, which I appreciate - I like him home, but enough to be fun and exciting for him.

This is Shane and David Blue (from Stargate Universe) when he went to the National Cable Trade Show. I'm so proud of my husband, and I'm thankful, every day for the hard work he puts in to provide for our family.

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