Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 6 - I'm thankful for God's amazing Grace

The Lord has been using this week to really change my heart's perspective of things.

I wrote this in my time with the Lord today:

Its as it I have just graduated to the next level in my faith. But even after being a believer for almost 20 years and "walking" in faith for almost 12 years, I, in reality, have just gone from being an infant to a toddler.

I walk, clumsily, I fall easily, I bump into things, and sometimes need to hold on to the things around me, just to keep standing.

I haven't learned how to eat of the Lord's feast with a fork, but instead, use my fingers to bring tiny bits to my mouth, often getting it all over my face and spilling it on the floor.

I only speak a few words, and really, only my Father knows me well enough to understand what it is I'm trying to say.

Often times, I am going to stink. I can't change myself. I'll have to wait for my Father to change me.

But as a toddler, I still get to climb into his arms for reminders of his loving care for me ALL throughout my day.

I can fully expect that he will not let me go hungry, what I need is provided for me.

Since I tire easily, he will have to remove me, on a regular basis, to a quiet place, even though, I may want to stay and play. At this age, I need lots of rest.

I may not always play well with others. So my Father will intervene, correct me as necessary and lovingly show me the way to treat others with love.

If I am naughty, my Father, who loves me, will not forgo punishment, but shows me the difference between right and wrong. And I know I will leave only after my repentance, His forgiveness and embrace.

Despite my young age, I approach the world assuming I am bigger than I really am. Despite that, the Lord will corral me home, keeping me safe inside the walls of his kingdom.


  1. This is well written from the heart. Thank you Sarah. I have so much to be thankful for. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Kathi

  2. i thought it was great :)


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