Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 5: I'm thankful for so many wonderful Grandparents and "Grandparents" for my kids.

We can't ever have too many loving adults speaking into our children's lives.

When Shane and I took a weekend away last summer to attend Fish Fest, Shane's Dad and step-mom, Joyce, offered to take all 6 kids for the weekend. This is no small task, and she handled it so gracefully, and Grandpa Bill survived. I think bonds were tied during that time.

This weekend, we traveled to Lincoln City and were able to stay at the Beach House owned by Shane's Dad and Step Mom. It is a beautiful location. I love just sitting in the third floor living room, warm and cozy inside, watching the clouds rolling in and out, spying a seal or two playing in the surf, and every once in a while - a whale, and wave after wave after wave curling, rising and crashing - crawling into the sand.

When I woke this morning at 6:30, I expected to find a few minutes to myself. What I found instead was Noah, Hannah, Zak and Maggy with Grandma Joyce, watching Sesame Street.

Getting to see Joyce and Bill enjoying our kids this weekend at the beach was really cool.

And it makes me realize how fortunate we are to have so many people, family and friends, who have taken a vested interest in our children. Their joy in our children is a delight to me.

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