Saturday, November 27, 2010

Never stop being thankful

So... I'm a little bummed that I didn't quite make it all the way to the end of the the "day of thankfulness" on time and daily. But I'm also really glad that I did as many days as I did.

For the record:

Day 2 - I'm thankful for vegetables and Veggie Tales

(Maggy and the twins were SO cute and totally engrossed just in the intro to a Veggie Tale movie... if it makes them happy, I'm happy. And, I've been able to do more canning - this week I canned some tomato sauce. Re-purposed the seeds and skins into crackers with ground sunflowers. Veggie's make me happy - singing or crunching)

Day 1 - I'm thankful

I had something of a hard time finding something unique each day to be thankful for. This does not mean that I'm not thankful every day. But there are some things that I am thankful for every day... and I went through those things in my list first. And then there are some things that I'm thankful for that seem small and insignificant. Yet, I still like to say thank you God for blessing me with.... "Candy Cane Lane tea" or "Maggy's pretty hair" or "that funny laugh of my child" or "a pretty sky" or "a kind word from a stranger" or "call from a special friend"....

My Thankfulness top 10
  1. God's amazing grace in my life
  2. Jesus' loving act of salvation
  3. The Word of God, laid out to help me walk in faith and come more in line to His will for my life.
  4. My Family - my husband and children who bring me great joy
  5. Our life - being a stay at home mom, homeschooling, living where we are
  6. Our extended families - making us who we are, encouraging and supporting us in the day to day
  7. Friends around us
  8. Opportunities to learn, and to be learning along side of my children
  9. Beauty in nature
  10. Comforts and conveniences

A friend of mine set her FB status on Thanksgiving day to say "it's hard to be thankful and grumpy." So true. And so, gratitude is a decision. Would it really hurt anyone for all of us to be just a little more Pollyanna in every day in our life.

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